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HelenG’day I’m Helen…… Elphinstone-King
Australian Watercolour Artist located in the picturesque Hunter Valley town of Lorn, NSW, Australia..
Painting a diverse range of subjects, strongly influenced from my love of sailing, boats & the ocean, and of course, horses. Always striving to transform my photos into drawings, then onto paintings, whilst enjoying the Journey along the way. I paint my Watercolours, in a Semi Realistic – Impressionist way & enjoy the challenge of painting new subjects & learning new techniques everyday….
“there is beauty in everything I see ….so I try to capture that beauty.. and keep the memories “..HELKINART

I have many Art collectors, both local and internationally, who have purchased my paintings and are always quite eager to see my new work & add to their collections, to which I always appreciate their support..

Soon ….

Take the time to look through my secure Online shop, note that Afterpay is also available ..and contact me if you have any questions..New Artworx are being added regularly..

Heading for safety
3 Amigos
Bad Hair Day
Last Run Home
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