G’day and Welcome 

Let Me Introduce myself

I am a Qualified Graphic Designer & Australian Watercolour Artist,
located overlooking the beautiful Lake Macquarie, just south of Newcastle,
approximately 2 hours north of Sydney, NSW Australia..

A diverse range of subjects, influenced from a love of sailing & the sea, birds, horses and all animals, & of course, my roses. Always striving to transform my photos into drawings, then onto paintings, whilst enjoying the Journey along the way

Currently on is the Daphne Young Watercolour Exhibition at Armidale Art Gallery, upstairs, in the Beardy St Mall..I have entered again this year, as I love that they support a dedicated Watercolour exhibition each year in memory of Local Artist Daphne Young..It also gives me a great opportunity to head “home” for awhile and catch up with family & friends ..It will be open until the 3oth October..so if in the New England region, dont miss it !! It attracts artists from far & wide.. and importantly support our local artists ..or pop over to their facebook page and you will see my paintings featured ..
Coming up Sunday 18th November, is the HAN Art Bazaar to be held at New Lambton Park. It will be my 3rd year there & always good fun and a great chance to meet up with you ..If there is a painting you wish to take a closer look at ..then please let me know and I can take it to the Bazaar with me ..all the Artists there are only from the Hunter Valley ..so come and say G’day wont you ….and maybe take a home a piece of HELKINART

* EMERGING ARTIST    Daphne Young Watercolour Prize – The Two Escapees
* Highly Commended    Town of Murals Art Prize ~ Mr Percival
* PUBLISHED ARTIST  2018 Australian Artist  magazine  “Slips – Hirecraft Marine”