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Diving around in the paddocks at my sisters place, feeding the cattle in drought times ..this was one of the many calves, who was happily munching away at the bale of hay that was in the long line, as the remainder of the cows and calves came into feed. He was non perplexed by us noisily going about our business to suddenly have a camera thrusted in his face ..he just looked up, covered in hay, and as if to smile .. he munched away asking ..WHat Do'in ??

Oh they have the most cutest faces and big brown eyes who could refuse, by giving them that extra chaff on top of the pile 😉

Original watercolour painting by Helen Elphinstone King. Painted using quality Daniel Smith Professional watercolour paints on Arches Rough 300gsm paper.

If you wish framed, it will be in the brown Frame under Glass as per photo.. Pickup or Local delivery only if framed .

.Prices will vary... if framed it will increase to $620 AUD

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